Asset Management Professionals
The Company

         Ditmars Real Estate Consultants, Inc., the successor to JSM Associates, was founded by Stephen and Michael Katos in 1961 for the purpose of handling small apartment buildings in New York City. Since then, the Ditmars Real Estate Consultants has expanded to include involvement in the management, renovation and sale of shopping centers, rentals and cooperatives in several states across the nation. George Kondos joined the firm in 1987, bringing to the team a fresh outlook and a wealth of added experience.

         With nearly a half century of hands-on experience, the principals here at Ditmars Real Estate Consultants have come to possess an unrivaled knowledge of the real estate industry. Years of practice has allowed them to develop simple yet efficient methods for achieving solutions for property management that are both sensible and profitable. With their combined experience, innovative approaches, and unwavering commitment to success, the principals at Ditmars Real Estate Consultants are finding viable solutions for even the most challenging real estate problems everyday.