Asset Management Professionals
The Principals at Ditmars Real Estate Consultants

Stephen Katos

Stephen Katos has been engaged in the management of mortgage investments and real properties for more than 40 years. His extensive experience as a real estate analyst, coupled with his well-honed appraising, underwriting and servicing abilities, allowed him to skillfully manage a $1 billion dollar commercial loan portfolio for New York Bank for Savings for several years.

Working together for many years with institutional lenders and principals to achieve resolutions of distressed mortgages and real properties, Stephen Katos’ active involvement in the financial industry has given him a keen familiarity with all the phases of institutional mortgage investing.

Stephen Katos has also acted as general manager of many real estate partnerships, gathering funds together for the acquisition of promising commercial properties, and then renovating and restoring them to health.


George Kondos

George M. Kondos has more than 30 years of managerial experience optimizing and restructuring organizations and trouble real estate properties and producing desired bottom line results, by working with specialists and various levels of management to achieve these objectives. He has successfully provided services for several trouble residential and commercial properties in Florida, Michigan and Indiana. Upon completion of his assignment, management would then be contracted to local companies. In the recent past he was the acting President and Chief Operating Officer of a small company grossing $30 million per year, which was successfully restructured.

George Kondos was also President and Chief Operating Officer of CrosslandFederal Savings Bank, a $10 billion dollar bank, which had a CAMEL rating of 5. Through his efforts the CAMEL rating was reduced to 2, and the bank was sold to the Republic National Bank.

Demetrios M. Katos

Argyrios M. Katos, Esq.